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Secure Data

The most secure way to store PII

Encrypted locker to store your personal data

Secure data management

Secure Data Management

We take control of storing your personal data as well as anything you want encrypted and safely stored.

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Secure encryption

Ultimate security and encryption

We use an almost unbreakable encryption and access control to ensure your data is 100% safe with us.

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API cloud access

Easy encryption and Access

Our secure API access control system makes it swift and easy to retrieve your encrypted data.

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Your cloud based locker to store your personal identifiable information (PII) or any data that you would rather not be responsible for, our unique encrypted storage locked makes it easy to exchange your private data for a unique identifiable key to that data, a quick api call back to us and we will present your data back to you as and when required, ensuring you are not storing raw customer data ensuring complete compliance and peace of mind.

Current data looks like
  • Joe Bloggs
  • myemail@everyonecansee.com
  • My House is HERE
Encrypted looks something like
  • YrUsbflhL4CtRYtGu90eIw6tKZWnd1hN60AJjCi1/UE=
  • 3WL3Ijj69dHgvQ5nbOdPxQMDFGkHDxa3R997vC9Wwq4=
  • v+76vb7lvt5UP7gzIwWSxK75CRrJXa+sfnHZx+Ox2Ew=

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Military Security

7 step military grade security ensures complete privacy


API Access

Secure API access to your data with easily configurable scripts


Compliance Tested

Our systems are tested by third party to ensure bulletproof security


Free to Use

Free to use our privacy tool for basic and low volume users


Unlimited Uses

Store what you want when you want


Ultra Fast

Our highly optimised servers with CDN


GDPR Protection

Never worry about your websites data


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All pricing is for a calender month and subject to our terms of business and security checks.



  • 100 Items Stored
  • 500 Requests/month
  • Email Support
  • Monthly Backups


£29.00 /mth

  • 1000 Items Stored
  • 5000 Requests/month
  • Email Support
  • Weekly Backups


£49.00 /mth

  • 10000 Items stored
  • 100000 Requests/month
  • Email Support
  • Daily Backups


£149.00 /mth

  • Unlimited Items stored
  • Unlimted Requests/month
  • 24/7 Support
  • Daily Backups

What do we do?

SkyLocker is your secure storage area in the cloud, we take all of your customers private details, encrypt them and then store them securely in our vault in the sky, in return we give you a code relevant to the data supplied that you can use to retrieve the private data as often as you want.
It doesnt have to be just customer data, any data you want storing securely can be uploaded and stored.
Why would I want to do that I hear you ask? Well in this modern age privacy is at the forefront of peoples minds when it comes to storing data online, with hundreds of regulations worldwide the process of storing personal details is getting more and more expensive and complicated, we take all of this pressure off you by ensuring all of our data is encrypted and stored securely for you, meaning you dont have to worry about breaching any GDPR or privacy regulations as you are not storing the data, we are.
Your data is uploaded to our servers via secure ssl API links, we then encrypt the data and in exchange give you a unique code that is used to retrieve the data, data retrieval is also completed by secure API with up to 7 checks on data and encryption keys to ensure only you have access to the data, all your privacy worries will have gone overnight.